you know who else played at Kansas with Steckel under Mitchell?

The undefeated season is over, and if the Chiefs want to bounce back from a 13-point effort against the Steelers, they’ll have to do it on the road. They travel to Oakland, Dallas and New Jersey to face the Giants for three of their next four.

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Future Bears special teams coach Mike Sweatman, whom Steckel hired in 1984 when he was head coach with the Vikings. As Pat Mannelly told us, Sweatman is the coach who implemented the fake field goal ninja, which the Bears ran for a touchdown in 2001 against Washington, with Brian Urlacher catching and scoring.

The article, written by Football Scoop’s Scott Roussel, provided a bit of background on the play, noting that it came from Tampa Bay’s then-offensive coordinator Les Steckel. Roussel remembered the play as soon as he saw it, as did several high school and college coaches who Roussel saw tweeting that they’d run the play before.

He located it from a Buccaneers-Packers game in 2000 and found the clip. He ended the article writing:

Something tells me Coach Steckel enjoyed seeing that one called last night; and he probably remembers to this day the coach from whom he got the idea…
My best guess? Steckel’s coach at the University of Kansas, Jack Mitchell.

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This week may not be the indication of what happens over the next few weeks.

Minnesota has also allowed opponents to post a 92.7 passer rating, a mark that ranks 18th in the league but looks much better when you consider the quality of quarterback it’s had to face. If the Vikings were able to limit Stafford to 209 yards on 31 passes, what will a debuting quarterback with only 13 collegiate starts under his belt do?

We got a good idea of what Trubisky brings to the table this preseason, albeit against a litany of role players and roster hopefuls. He completed nearly 68 percent of his passes for 364 yards, three touchdowns, and zero interceptions. More importantly, he showed off play-extending mobility in the pocket:

But now things are different. He’s 36, the Giants aren’t close to being a winner, and it’s getting harder to imagine another Super Bowl run coming with Manning under center.

Pocic, a second-round pick known for his versatility, worked at right tackle over the summer but has been a backup at guard and center since.

I think we’re very fortunate to have Glow in that competition because of his background, Carroll said. He’s started and he’s played a lot of football for us and he knows our system, he’s been on that side (of the offensive line), all of that stuff. So that’s a positive. But also, we’re so encouraged by Ethan’s play that we want to give him a chance to see how far he can take it in the coming weeks here and see what it means.

This week may not be the indication of what happens over the next few weeks. We’re going to start the competition and let these guys go at it. Both guys are athletic, both guys move equally well and can do everything we need. It’s just going to be how they fit in, their ability to handle the challenges of the scheme and the calls and all that.

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In 2016, Trubisky threw a pass of 44 yards or longer in 10 of his 13 starts.

He’ll have a tougher time against a different class of defense and one of the league’s least intimidating receiving corps, but his presence makes the Bears eminently more watchable.

And that’s important because Week 5 marks their first Monday Night Football appearance of the season. Chicago embarrassed itself last Thursday as Glennon did his best to ensure the Packers had every opportunity they needed to find the end zone. The Bears will play before an even bigger audience against the Vikings.

Finding quarterbacks isn’t easy. It’s a whole lot better to build a team with one than start from scratch, throw some poor soul into the fire, and hope he’s up to the task.

New York already had a ton of reasons to give up hope on 2017, but the world’s worst wide receiver luck could negatively impact the franchise beyond this year too. Who would’ve thought it would be way easier to be a Jets fan in New York this year?

While his game-manager style of passing contributed to an overtime win against the Steelers and a near-upset of the Falcons, last week’s two-interception, two-fumble performance against Green Bay spelled the end of Glennon’s starting tenure. In four games, he’s thrown four touchdown passes but turned the ball over eight times.

There are varying opinions about Manning that range from he’s awful to he’s underrated and dragged down by a bad offense around him. But no matter your thoughts on the quarterback, it makes sense for the Giants to begin grooming a replacement.

If a full rebuild is on the way, what’s the point in even dragging Manning along for it?

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