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Dodgers’ offensive juggernaut will help team survive Clayton Kershaw’s injury

A weakly hit ground ball to shortstop Addison Russell; the flip to second baseman Javier Baez, and a bullet-like throw to first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

And before you write off those early years as Irving being a youngster trying to carry an awful roster, keep in mind what happens to his current team when LeBron leaves the floor.

Just gonna leave this here … Cavs with Kyrie Irving ON, LeBron James OFF last season: -120 in 635 minutes.

In a 2012 Team USA scrimmage, before injuries robbed Bryant of his powers, Irving was willing to bet $50,000 he could beat the future Hall of Famer in a game of 1-on-1.

He was tripping then, and he’s tripping even harder now.

Give Hernandez at least three runs in 77.1 percent of his games instead of 64.3 percent and quick calculations based on his winning percentage say he’d be at 177 wins right now instead of 159. Even with Hamels or Verlander-esque support, he’d probably have at least another 10 wins for his career at this point.

Of course, a pitcher can’t do much to change what’s Texans Cheap Jerseys already happened. For Hernandez, his quickest ticket to the Hall of Fame can come with how many more wins he piles up. Getting another 41 wins to reach 200, essentially the minimum for Cooperstown, should be no problem. The more wins beyond 200, the better his odds to reach Cooperstown.

With Hernandez likely to be around 165 wins after this season, he’d need to Rg3 Cheap Jerseys average 15 wins a year through his age-40 season. Barring a trade, that’s likely pushing it. Hernandez has averaged 15 wins for every 162 games through his career, but pitchers decline and can become more susceptible to injury as they age.

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