Jonas Jerebko hasn’t played a major role in this series

Kentucky earned APR recognition for the academic years of 2014, 2015 and 2016, seasons in which the Wildcats lost a combined seven players to the draft following their freshman seasons. UK officials have said that for all the one-and-done players who have played for John Calipari since he arrived in 2009 now up to 20 with Bam Adebayo, De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk leaving this year only one failed to finish his spring semester. That’s a 95 percent retention rate.

Of course, Silver did see the Showtime documentary about former LSU forward Ben Simmons, who acknowledged he stopped attending class in the second semester.

Silver surely must be better than making policy decisions because of an isolated example he picked up watching television.

Jonas Jerebko hasn’t played a major role in this series, or the entire playoffs for that matter, but the Celtics played well with him on Sunday. After scoring just 4 total points in all seven games against the Wizards, Jerebko dropped 10 in Game 3 against the Cavs.

Even more impressive, Jerebko had a game-high +/- of +22, which is ridiculous Cheap Jerseys In USA when you consider the fact he only played 13 minutes. The forward hasn’t seen much action in the playoffs, but maybe he’s earned himself some more playing time against Cleveland.

Although he struggled in his rookie year, Matthews has been a Cheap Jerseys In US fixture on the Falcons’ left side, missing just one game in three seasons. He’s mostly been a fine lineman but is prone to badly timed mistakes. Matthews’ most infamous performance came in Super Bowl 51, where he committed a critical holding penalty in the fourth quarter that knocked Atlanta out of field-goal range, contributing to the team’s stunning late collapse. At 25 years old, you could argue Matthews still has untapped potential.

Wizards’ contract conundrum with Otto Porter speaks to larger NBA issue

Otto Porter was sitting on a stanchion by the sideline at TD Garden in Boston a little more than a month ago, reflecting on the kind of year it had been, easily the best of his career.

“I put in a lot of work, I just wanted to get better and better at Cheap Jerseys In Toronto the things I could do to help this team win,” he said. “I think the shooting the ball, seeing it go in the net has been a help. I worked on my mechanics a lot, making sure my body is squared up to the goal, making sure my release is good each time. It is something I have focused on.”

It worked, and his timing was impeccable. Porter is a restricted free agent this summer, which means he will be eligible for a major pay increase, from the $5.9 million he made this year to something in the range of $25 million per season. He is the third option on the floor, but in the Wizards’ books, he would be at the top of the food chain, ahead of All-Stars Bradley Beal and John Wall.

That is a problem for the NBA, a league whose payrolls are getting increasingly top-heavy. Porter and the Wizards are a prime example.

Indianapolis’ rivals all worked to improve in 2017, but the division still projects to be far less competitive than its peers. The Texans gave up a second-round pick just to jettison their starting quarterback. They’ll rely on either rookie Deshaun Watson or backup Tom Savage Cheap Jerseys Ireland in their quest to defend the South title, though they still have one of the best defenses in the league (sorry, Hankins). The Jacksonville Jaguars played better than their 3-13 record last season and will be better with Doug Marrone on the sideline than they were with Gus Bradley, but still have major strides to make before the playoffs are a reasonable option.

Butler is widely considered the second-best two-way player in the league

That’s a stark contrast to frequent reports throughout the season, which stated Butler had ensured the Bulls’ front office he wanted to stay in the Windy City.

Butler, a Team USA teammate of Irving this past summer at the Olympic Games in Rio, would be more than a welcomed addition to a Cavs roster that struggled on the defensive end and always looked a pass behind against the Warriors in the finals. A three-time All-Defensive Team choice, Butler is widely considered the second-best two-way player in the league, trailing only the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard.

Butler has also gotten the job done offensively, increasing his scoring output in each of his six NBA seasons. The 27-year-old Texan averaged a 23.9 points to go along with 5.5 assists and 6.2 rebounds, all career-high figures. He’d certainly take some of the defensive burden off James, who’ll turn 33 in December and led the league in minutes at 37.8 per game in 2016-17.

Chicago, which went 41-41 and reached the playoffs for the first time under second-year head coach Fred Hoiberg, would be left in shambles if its best player is dealt away. Veteran Dwyane Wade, despite reportedly intending to pick up a $24-million option, would likely bolt for greener pastures in the twilight of his career should Butler leave, immediately forcing the Bulls into a rebuild.

His plus/minus of plus-22 was by far the top mark for the game and a stark contrast Cheap Hockey Jerseys to starting power forward Amir Johnson, who finished Game 3 as a minus-15.

Jerebko slammed Kevin Love, then stood over the $113 million man to let him know exactly what he thought about him flopping to coax the refs into calling a foul. Jerebko also let Deron Williams and Kyle Korver know he was about whatever.

NFL Draft 2017: ECU’s Zay Jones states case as top receiver in his class

The record-setting ECU receiver fielded some punts after running routes and retreated to catch a booming punt down the right sideline from ECU punter Worth Gregory.

As Jones tracked the ball, the kick led him toward some tackling dummies that were lying on the field. Jones tripped over a couple of the pads and crashed into a standup dummy as scouts and trainers ran over to check on him.

Allen should fall in the draft past the top-five picks, but the Saints shouldn’t be picky when it comes to adding to their defense. Allen, Sheldon Rankins and Cameron Jordan are three great defensive linemen to build around.

The Bengals lost their two best offensive linemen, and it’s unclear whether they trust in Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher as their bookend tackles. Robinson could play guard to start before replacing one of the two in 2018.

It’s likely that a quarterback goes before 10, and my money is on Trubisky being the first quarterback taken at this point. The Bills have interest in Trubisky, and if he doesn’t go in the top-three picks, I’ be surprised if the Bills don’t draft him.

Obviously, reigning MVP Kris Bryant and All-Star Anthony Rizzo are the core of the Cubs’ lineup, as both are in their primes and form potentially the best offensive duo in baseball. But Chicago needs to get some return on its investment in Jason Heyward, particularly with the departure of Fowler. Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA projections predict an uptick for Heyward. The right fiedler is still elite defensively, but the Cubs need him to hit closer to his .257/.336/.410 Baseball Prospectus projection than his .230/.3016/.325 actual line from 2016.

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he could have better odds with the Modern Baseball Committee.

Jack was a dominating pitcher during his era, Whitaker said. Jack was probably the best starter in the game. You had some quality starters during those years but Jack pretty much dominated, was the ace. He was going to go long in the games. He was going to take you to the eighth or ninth inning.

Trammell has something of a similar case to Whitaker, rating as one of the top shortstops in baseball history by sabermetrics but having less impressive traditional stats partly because of his era. That said, Trammell did considerably better with the writers, peaking at 40.9 percent of the vote his final year on the ballot. By extension, he could have better odds with the Modern Baseball Committee.

Asked whether he considered Trammell a Hall of Famer, Whitaker said, Of course.

To me, he’s one of the best shortstops to ever play the game, Whitaker said.

So what’s taken Trammell and Whitaker so long? Why haven’t the 1984 Detroit Tigers, who won 104 games and the World Series, had a single Hall of Famer?

We were just consistent, Whitaker said. We were a team with consistent players. We played, we won.

With Span, et. al getting more swings, offense in the NL should, in theory, increase. But would AL offense be hurt as full-time DHs disappear? Not by much, because, as in the NL, regulars would be taking those PAs.

SN put together a model that roughly shows how scoring would be affected if just the eight position players hit. Our findings, based on what we’ll term average runs created per plate appearance (RC/PA):

All NL players who batted in the first through eighth spots last season (average .127 RC/PA) would have created an additional 638 runs had they absorbed all of the 9,179 plate appearances by NL ninth-place hitters. That comes out to 42.5 additional runs per NL club over the course of a season.

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They stay in the closet because they don’t want to get attacked on social media.

He pointed to ESPN giving the Arthur Ashe Courage award to Caitlyn Jenner at the 2015 ESPYs Awards.

ESPN’s rivals at Fox Sports have also been taunting ESPN over the subscribers losses that have reduced its footprint to 88 million homes from a former high of 100 million. Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis wrote ESPN has morphed into a left-wing network he calls MESPN. He pointed to ESPN giving the Arthur Ashe Courage award to Caitlyn Jenner at the 2015 ESPYs Awards.

And that was the jumping off point, the moment ESPN ceased to be about sports and became a mouthpiece of the farthest left reaches of the Democratic party. I’m all for political discussion, but when you ally yourself with one political party and your business ostensibly is to talk about sports, you lose viewers who see what you’re doing. That’s why I call ESPN MSESPN now, the network is desperate to prop up its ratings and has decided that becoming a shill for the left wing in the country is its best option. Sadly, this is just going to lose more viewers.

In an interview with Sporting News, Jason Whitlock, co-host of FS1’s Speak for Yourself, said ESPN is trying to please hyper left-wing social media forces.

Despite the protests against Republican president Donald Trump by high-profile athletes such as LeBron James, Steph Curry and various members of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Schilling estimated that 80 percent to 85 percent of pro athletes are actually conservative politically. They stay in the closet because they don’t want to get attacked on social media.

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I get the idea of wanting to control player costs

The easy answer is locality. Lynch, an Oakland native, is considered a Bay-Area legend of sorts. He’d sell tickets (not that the Raiders have an attendance issue), and he’d make an already-interesting AFC contender that much more interesting.

Yes, the list of available, non-retired, unrestricted free-agent backs includes names that would add flare to Oakland’s roster. But it also includes big numbers, and we’re not talking about career rushing totals. We’re talking about age the reason most on the list remain unsigned.

And while Lynch isn’t young, his year-plus away from grounding and pounding in the NFL and relatively clean injury slate combine to help explain the Raiders’ interest.

Look, I get the idea of wanting to control player costs, I really do. I don’t have a problem with Levine saying all those things to an arbitrator in an attempt to pay Betances just $3 million in 2017 instead of $5 million. That’s how the system is set up. Hey, he won. Good for him.

But to gloat about the win publically? To demean Betances?

Here’s something that has a pretty firm basis in reality: If Randy Levine is still with the Yankees by the time Betances is eligible to become a free agent, there’s pretty much zero chance he stays with the club.

It is a game and a celebration, but there’s a direct line between Jackie Robison and me standing here. There’s a direct line people loving Ernie Banks and the city (of Chicago) being able to come together and work together in one spirit.’

He added, Sometimes it’s not enough just to change laws. You’ve got to change hearts, and sports has a way of changing hearts sometimes in a way that politics or business doesn’t.’

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Chicago’s pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Feb. 14

That’s just not right. Statistics should be rational. They should be based in some type of logic. The problem isn’t that pitcher wins/losses are determined by a flawed set of standards; it’s that pitcher wins/losses shouldn’t exist, period.

Again, I get that pitcher wins/losses aren’t disappearing from official baseball records anytime soon (or ever, probably). That’s OK. We don’t have to wait, though. We can be better, right now. All of us.

Being a rational baseball fan, I recognize the inherent fallacy of awarding wins and losses to individual pitchers. I embrace the more intelligent ways to evaluate the contributions of pitchers, and I pledge to raise the level of discourse in my daily baseball conversation, at my job, in my home, at the ballpark and online. I recognize that ingrained habits are hard to break, but I also recognize the value in helping my fellow baseball fans appreciate the game on a deeper level. If I do reference pitcher wins/losses, I will always include a mention of the flawed nature of this archaic statistic. Finally, I pledge to eliminate pitcher wins/losses from my fantasy league’s scoring system. I will be the change I hope to see in others.

It’ll be hard for the Chicago Cubs to improve on a 2016 season in which the team ended a 108-year World Series drought, but Joe Maddon’s club appears to be in good shape for another strong run. Here’s what fans need to know as the Cubs prepare for their title defense in 2017.

Chicago’s pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Feb. 14, and those players’ first workout is on Feb. 15. Position players arrive on Feb. 17, and the first full workout is on Feb. 18.

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Athletics ace Sonny Gray activated from DL, will make season debut Tuesday

The Athletics activated ace Sonny Gray from the 10-day disabled list Monday. He will make his season debut Tuesday against the Twins in Minnesota.

Gray, 27, began the season on the DL with a lat strain. He was impressive in two rehab starts, tossing 11 scoreless innings with a 13/0 K/BB ratio between High-A Stockton and Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Outfielder Ryan LaMarre optioned to Triple-A Nashville in a corresponding move.

Owning an MLB team is on Rodriguez’s bucket list, but after meeting with members of Romney’s group Wednesday in Los Angeles, he felt the timing isn’t right to join the effort, even though Miami is his hometown, sources told Fox Sports.

Rodriguez, who runs a private holding corporation, just signed a multi-year deal as a full-time baseball analyst with Fox and serves as an advisor to Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner, among other endeavors.

Also, purchasing a franchise requires approval of 75 percent of the league’s owners, which may have been challenging for Rodriguez given his checkered history in baseball. As Fox Sports notes, A-Rod battled with MLB and the players’ union over his 162-game suspension in 2014 for violating the league’s drug policy.

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NFL free agency: Nick Foles returns to Eagles as backup

After a mostly forgettable tour of Missouri’s NFL landscape, Nick Foles is returning to Philadelphia.

The Eagles announced Monday they have signed the quarterback to a two-year deal, bringing him back just over two years after they traded him away to acquire Sam Bradford.

Foles left Philadelphia as the starter but will return as the backup to Carson Wentz. Then again, it was an impressive showing in relief of then-starter Michael Vick in 2013 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions in 13 games (10 starts) that put Foles on the map in the first place.

It caused quite the altercation with members of both camps, yelling obscenities at the other.

J.E. might’ve dropped an an album titled Hard back in 2003, but their mothers didn’t raise any fools. Fairley, a six-year NFL veteran, is 6-4, tips the scales at nearly 300 pounds and is super aggressive. He makes his living rushing folks, and when he’s ticked, it can take multiple able-bodied, fully-grown American football players to move him anywhere. Four dudes who make their money harmonizing weren’t about to press the issue physically. The group’s set was ultimately cut short.

The whole ordeal was utterly ridiculous. Fairly could’ve just fell back, let those brothers do their job and enjoyed the show. Like one of the group members shouted during the incident, It ain’t about you.

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