Andrew Hawkins’ brain donation makes retirement even more bittersweet

Andrew Hawkins is one of more than 1,000 people — athletes, including football players, and military members — to pledge their brains for study by the Concussion Legacy Foundation since December 2015. More than 1,900 have donated in all since 2008.

To Barkley’s credit, he’s not backing down.

“I stick by what I said. I’m not going to make this personal … he was all whiny last week,” Barkley told ESPN Radio. “I’m good and I’m straightforward. I’m never going to get personal on an NBA player.”

All James did was ensure that “Inside the NBA’s” TV ratings will be through the roof Thursday night.

In fact, he said he was more upset with the commentators who were making a big deal of the exchange. Barkley said he played golf the past two days.

“It was ‘done’ after he said what he said and what I said (what I said in response),” Barkley said when host Ernie Johnson asked if this episode is over. “And It bothers me when people are like, ‘Well, what are you going to say?’ I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m not 12,'” Barkley said. “‘Oooh, he said something bad about me, I’ve got to say something bad about him.’ I’m not 12 years old. I’m a 53-year-old man who’ll be 54 in three weeks. This notion that just because somebody insulted me . . . I’m not 12, I’m not back in Leeds (Ala.) as if I’m in projects, where if you knock a stick off my shoulder and all hell breaks loose.”

Barkley set off James last month when he said the Cavaliers superstar was being “whiny” Trade Cheap Jerseys for publicly calling for roster help. James ripped Barkley in response, referencing several of Barkley’s infamous Super Cheap Jerseys off-court actions. Barkley stood by his comments and said he would stick to basketball.

NBA Finals 2017: Historic scoring outburst helps Cavs extend series

The Cavaliers survived a circus event Friday to win Game 4 of the NBA Finals with a 137-116 home victory over the Warriors.

They did so in record fashion.

After struggling to shoot during the first three games of the series, Cleveland came out red-hot to score 49 points in the first quarter and 86 points in the first half, both of which broke NBA Finals records. The Cavs later set a Finals record by hitting 24 3-point shots in the game.

Smith only had 17 touches in 28 minutes, shooting 1 of 4 from the field. Hell must have frozen over because someone had to tell J.R. Smith to shoot more.

Korver also needs to find his 3-point stroke after going 0 of 3 in 19 minutes. He doesn’t need to explode for 30-plus, but Korver can’t give the Cavs another goose egg in the box score.

With all of that said, the Cavs are still the defending champs, and LeBron James didn’t suddenly disappear. The Cavs won’t turn the ball over 20 times again. They won’t let Durant saunter down the lane, cock the ball back behind his head and rattle the rim to the delight of the Warriors faithful.

If Golden State wants to avenge last year’s 3-1 collapse, it can’t lose focus for a Cheap Jerseys Made In China minute. Based on how the Warriors looked in Game 1, that shouldn’t be a problem.

All statistics provided by the indispensable stats pages. For three years, this was an ace draft pick. Cooks fit right into the Saints high-flying offense, emerging as a big-play threat for Cheap Jerseys Kids NFL Drew Brees. However, Cooks began expressing frustration at his role in 2016, as rookie Michael Thomas supplanted him as the new No. 1 receiver. Evidently this was enough for the Saints to cash in on Cooks’ value, sending him to the New England Patriots for a first- and third-round pick.

Kyrie Irving was scintillating in the second half on his way to 38 points

LeBron James posted 39 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists in the loss. Kyrie Irving was scintillating in the second half on his way to 38 points, but he missed a critical 3-pointer following Durant’s clutch shot that essentially shut down the game and perhaps the series.

Sporting News provided updates and highlights from Game 3 below. Here’s what you Cheap Jerseys NBA missed…

No, the NBA’s best hope is that Cavs-Warriors IV has a trade-off feel like the last three games of these finals. The average margin of victory in the series was 15.2 points per game.

That’s not that much different than last year’s margin of 17.1. The Lakers-Celtics trilogy, which will be featured on the 30-for-30 “Lakers/Celtics: Best of Enemies” to fill the NBA Finals void the next two nights, had margins of 12.0, 14.7 and 11.2. The games don’t necessarily have to be close, but they have to feel close.

And this didn’t feel like that at all. The more times you see the movie, the worse it gets. Look at the “Halloween” movie franchise — I and II worked, III was a dud and it got back on track at IV and V. After that, there are too many inconsistencies and too much gore. How many times can you watch Michael Myers run up the body count?

Donald shot up draft boards after dominant performances at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. Despite being a bit undersized for an interior rusher (6’1, 285 pounds), Donald has quickly developed Cheap Jerseys NFL Wholesale into one of the best all-around linemen in the league. In three seasons, he already has 28 sacks and is a disruptive force on nearly every play. Opposing offenses have their hands full trying to account for Donald’s presence. Now we’ll get to see him work in Wade Phillips’ defensive scheme, which should be a joy.

Marks will not wow you physically. His 40 time at the NFL combine was 4.56 seconds.

You might say, “Wow, that sucks, after the most savage rejection, a man had to deal with the ridicule of not only an entire stadium but also the entire internet.”

To which I say: No. Granted, I don’t know the full story here, and ostensibly there could be some touching reason or heartbreaking details behind it, but if this is just a run-of-the-mill public proposal, then this guy gets no sympathy. He didn’t pay attention to the rules I listed above, rules everyone should know because they are common sense.

I am anti-public proposal because asking someone to marry you seems like a very intimate moment (though I don’t know that for sure, because I have not been formally proposed to) and I can’t understand why you’d want to share that with a whole bunch of strangers.

It goes without saying that none of these players are guaranteed any sort of professional success. That’s true for first-round picks, and it’s definitely true for UDFAs. But these players are all fun, and if your team nabs one of them, there’s a chance you’ll at least have someone to pull for during training camp.

Here are a few whom I, a college football person, think you should watch:

Marks will not wow you physically. His 40 time at the NFL combine was 4.56 seconds. He repped 11 times on the bench and leapt 29.5 inches in the air. But he was the top Cincinnati Reds Cheap Jerseys target and a catch machine in Mike Leach’s Air Raid at WSU, hauling in 193 balls over the last two seasons. The NFL is clearly growing more accepting of Air Raid QBs, and ex-Air Raid receivers like Welker and Detroit Tigers Cheap Jerseys Danny Amendola have been under-the-radar gems. If Marks makes the Jets, he will catch many footballs.

the Penguins benefited from incredible depth scoring down their lineup.

The 23-year-old defenseman was all over the ice for New York in Game 2, playing almost every role imaginable as the Rangers played to an overtime loss. Skjei had two goals, four shots on goal, and two blocks in 22 minutes of ice time. It’d be a crime if Alain Vigneault doesn’t bump up his minutes from here on out.

Once again, the Penguins benefited from incredible depth scoring down their lineup. Phil Kessel had a pair, Jake Guentzel had two, and Matt Cullen had his first. Hard to stop a lineup like that, even with Washington’s improved defense.

Minnesota didn’t have a first-round pick but still came away with first- and second-round talents thanks to smart drafting. Dalvin Cook will provide an immediate boost for the league’s 32nd-ranked rushing offense, and Pat Elflein will help clear a path for him at the interior of the line. Bucky Hodges was a strong value pick who could give the Vikings a dynamic tight end tandem alongside Kyle Rudolph.

San Antonio isn’t made up of bad players, by any means, but a dirty secret around the league is that the Spurs aren’t as good as we’ve perhaps made them out to be. Despite 61 wins, San Antonio has had to lean heavily on Leonard throughout the year to be the best player, lacking enough consistency around him to direct those responsibilities to anybody else.

At every stop along the way, Leonard responded positively. Now, with Packers Cheap Jerseys the season on the line and Leonard already in the midst of a career year, the Spurs are asking him to do even New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys more. Keep scoring on offense, they tell him, while making him defend a star opponent for even longer stretches of time.

Migos predict Hawks will somehow make the NBA Finals

Migos think that the Golden State Warriors won’t make the NBA Finals, but the Georgia native group believes the Atlanta Hawks will.

They saw enough heartbreak in the Super Bowl as their Atlanta Falcons came crashing down to the New England Patriots, but in an interview with Complex, they stayed true to their city, for, of course, the culture.

They weren’t as confident that Dennis Schroder would win MVP. Instead they opted to pick Steph Curry.

“Chef Curry,” group member Offset told Complex. “I like my boy Steph Curry, man. I call him Chef Curry ‘cause he cooks. He a shooter. Dat way.”

The group doesn’t think that the Warriors will play into June though, but they do think the Hawks will.

“Naw, Atlanta Hawks! Da Atlanta way! Dem Hawks. Da bird way.”

The Hawks trail the Washington Wizards, 3-2, in the first round of the playoffs, but Best Place To Get Cheap Jerseys don’t count them out just yet.

He’s had another absurd April, though, and Harper is still just 24, which is absolutely hilarious, so it’s not unreasonable to think he might not have reached his ceiling yet. When picking the Nationals for first place before the season, I figured Harper would be excellent, not otherworldly. We have 25 games entered into evidence that suggest he’s otherworldly again.

So if Zimmerman is going to hit like a classic slugging first baseman, and Murphy is a perennial MVP candidate, and if Harper is the same hitter that won the MVP with one of the greatest America Cheap Jerseys offensive seasons since Barry Bonds, what in the heck else can go right for the Nationals?