NCAA baseball tournament 2017: College World Series bracket, schedule in Omaha

Once the 2017 NCAA baseball tournament’s regionals and super regionals are complete, the eight remaining teams will travel to Omaha, Neb., to crown a College World Series national champion.

The College World Series, a double-elimination tournament with a best-of-3 final, begins June 17 at TD Ameritrade Park with the championship series set for June 26-28.

Joe Girardi scoops dirt onto home plate after being ejected, and the home plate umpire leaves the dirt there. Bush league.

It has been an eventful, confusing day for the Rays and Yankees. Yankees’ starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka got bombed, allowing six runs in three innings of work.

Yankee reliever Tommy Layne drilled Rays outfielder Corey Dickerson later, and Yankees rookie phenom Aaron Judge got hit with a retaliatory pitch from Rays starter Matt Andriese.

All this leads to one conclusion: We’re one ejection closer to computerized strike zones.

So what might injuries cost Harper if they persist? Perhaps seven home runs a season, with Harper averaging 24 home runs his first five seasons but 31 homers per 162 games. This might sound inconsequential and like something that will even out over time. Seven homers a year for 20 years, however, is 140 homers. It’s the difference between more than 600 home runs and barely 450.

Six-hundred home runs will pretty much guarantee a player enshrinement, at least at some point with Barry Bonds starting to look like a probable Cooperstown selection from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Sammy Sosa, the only other eligible player with 600 home runs not in the Hall of Fame, has struggled to draw more than a small percentage of votes so far. But he could also be a committee pick at some point.

Meanwhile, numerous players have 450 or so home runs and are not enshrined, the Adam Dunns, Dave Kingmans and Carlos Delgados of the baseball world.

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