Kyrie Irving was scintillating in the second half on his way to 38 points

LeBron James posted 39 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists in the loss. Kyrie Irving was scintillating in the second half on his way to 38 points, but he missed a critical 3-pointer following Durant’s clutch shot that essentially shut down the game and perhaps the series.

Sporting News provided updates and highlights from Game 3 below. Here’s what you Cheap Jerseys NBA missed…

No, the NBA’s best hope is that Cavs-Warriors IV has a trade-off feel like the last three games of these finals. The average margin of victory in the series was 15.2 points per game.

That’s not that much different than last year’s margin of 17.1. The Lakers-Celtics trilogy, which will be featured on the 30-for-30 “Lakers/Celtics: Best of Enemies” to fill the NBA Finals void the next two nights, had margins of 12.0, 14.7 and 11.2. The games don’t necessarily have to be close, but they have to feel close.

And this didn’t feel like that at all. The more times you see the movie, the worse it gets. Look at the “Halloween” movie franchise — I and II worked, III was a dud and it got back on track at IV and V. After that, there are too many inconsistencies and too much gore. How many times can you watch Michael Myers run up the body count?

Donald shot up draft boards after dominant performances at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. Despite being a bit undersized for an interior rusher (6’1, 285 pounds), Donald has quickly developed Cheap Jerseys NFL Wholesale into one of the best all-around linemen in the league. In three seasons, he already has 28 sacks and is a disruptive force on nearly every play. Opposing offenses have their hands full trying to account for Donald’s presence. Now we’ll get to see him work in Wade Phillips’ defensive scheme, which should be a joy.

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