Rams hope Cooper Kupp’s FCS yards translate to NFL success

No player in the history of college football has ever caught more passes than Cooper Kupp (428). No one has ever gained more receiving yards (6,464). Not a single player has caught more receiving touchdowns (73).

The question now, though, is whether or not the Eastern Washington product can bring a fraction of that remarkable production to the NFL.

The Los Angeles Rams are betting he can. The Rams invested a third-round choice on the small-school standout after selecting him with the 69th pick of the 2017 NFL draft.

The national guys that do, like Mike Freeman at Bleacher Report or Jason Cole at Yahoo!, don’t have broadcast rights and aren’t shackled to the strong suggestion by the league.

As the draft progresses into later rounds, more and more reporters feel comfortable breaking news about the teams they cover. The second and third rounds are on a Friday night, but rounds four through seven begin at noon on a Saturday, when people aren’t locked in on their TVs and often look to Twitter to find out what’s happening.

The latter days of the draft are also pretty chaotic, with much shorter times between picks. When watching on ESPN, sometimes the broadcasters don’t even talk about the picks as they happen. Once the draft ends and the undrafted free agents period begins, everything turns into a free-for-all.

By the time the draft’s over, tipping where players are headed becomes as much of a vital service as it is the rest of the year. The biggest reason Gonzalez was worth a Cheap Fan Jerseys draft pick is because he made a whole bunch of kicks at Arizona State. He improved throughout his time with the Sun Devils and became one of the most reliable in the nation, successfully making 23 of 25 field goals as a senior to finish with 96 Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys field goals over his collegiate career — the most ever in the FBS.

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