Unconvincing Chad Johnson imposter arrested for trying to buy $18K of Louis Vuitton

The concept of pretending to be a famous person isn’t new, but a man in Aspen was impressively brazen in his attempt to pass himself off as former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. Mervin Cabe, who is 25 years old, walked into a Louis Vuitton store and attempted to purchase $18,000 worth of merchandise, before he was arrested for identity theft and unauthorized use of a financial transaction device.

The program shifted to blocking, including hand work and then circuit training. What I found the most interesting was the coaching coming from not only the original owners of HOP but from Bennett, who is now a part owner in the business. He selflessly teaches and trains at the same time, offering instructions and the reasons why the techniques will help their play. He would coach one-on-one and also speak to the group collectively. Much of the work was on hand and body placement to increase their leverage. When you’re 6’7 like Armstead and Buckner are, getting low and getting as much leverage as possible is paramount.

The players all worked together, no matter the team, learning, improving and sweating in the warehouse setting where the facility is located. With the humidity being what it is in Hawaii you can imagine the environment when the roll-up doors come down at the start of the session.

I spoke to all four 49ers after the practice so I’ll have more on this visit throughout the week, including more videos and pictures of the workouts. Aloha!

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