Migos predict Hawks will somehow make the NBA Finals

Migos think that the Golden State Warriors won’t make the NBA Finals, but the Georgia native group believes the Atlanta Hawks will.

They saw enough heartbreak in the Super Bowl as their Atlanta Falcons came crashing down to the New England Patriots, but in an interview with Complex, they stayed true to their city, for, of course, the culture.

They weren’t as confident that Dennis Schroder would win MVP. Instead they opted to pick Steph Curry.

“Chef Curry,” group member Offset told Complex. “I like my boy Steph Curry, man. I call him Chef Curry ‘cause he cooks. He a shooter. Dat way.”

The group doesn’t think that the Warriors will play into June though, but they do think the Hawks will.

“Naw, Atlanta Hawks! Da Atlanta way! Dem Hawks. Da bird way.”

The Hawks trail the Washington Wizards, 3-2, in the first round of the playoffs, but Best Place To Get Cheap Jerseys don’t count them out just yet.

He’s had another absurd April, though, and Harper is still just 24, which is absolutely hilarious, so it’s not unreasonable to think he might not have reached his ceiling yet. When picking the Nationals for first place before the season, I figured Harper would be excellent, not otherworldly. We have 25 games entered into evidence that suggest he’s otherworldly again.

So if Zimmerman is going to hit like a classic slugging first baseman, and Murphy is a perennial MVP candidate, and if Harper is the same hitter that won the MVP with one of the greatest America Cheap Jerseys offensive seasons since Barry Bonds, what in the heck else can go right for the Nationals?

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