Marks will not wow you physically. His 40 time at the NFL combine was 4.56 seconds.

You might say, “Wow, that sucks, after the most savage rejection, a man had to deal with the ridicule of not only an entire stadium but also the entire internet.”

To which I say: No. Granted, I don’t know the full story here, and ostensibly there could be some touching reason or heartbreaking details behind it, but if this is just a run-of-the-mill public proposal, then this guy gets no sympathy. He didn’t pay attention to the rules I listed above, rules everyone should know because they are common sense.

I am anti-public proposal because asking someone to marry you seems like a very intimate moment (though I don’t know that for sure, because I have not been formally proposed to) and I can’t understand why you’d want to share that with a whole bunch of strangers.

It goes without saying that none of these players are guaranteed any sort of professional success. That’s true for first-round picks, and it’s definitely true for UDFAs. But these players are all fun, and if your team nabs one of them, there’s a chance you’ll at least have someone to pull for during training camp.

Here are a few whom I, a college football person, think you should watch:

Marks will not wow you physically. His 40 time at the NFL combine was 4.56 seconds. He repped 11 times on the bench and leapt 29.5 inches in the air. But he was the top Cincinnati Reds Cheap Jerseys target and a catch machine in Mike Leach’s Air Raid at WSU, hauling in 193 balls over the last two seasons. The NFL is clearly growing more accepting of Air Raid QBs, and ex-Air Raid receivers like Welker and Detroit Tigers Cheap Jerseys Danny Amendola have been under-the-radar gems. If Marks makes the Jets, he will catch many footballs.

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