NFL free agency: Nick Foles returns to Eagles as backup

After a mostly forgettable tour of Missouri’s NFL landscape, Nick Foles is returning to Philadelphia.

The Eagles announced Monday they have signed the quarterback to a two-year deal, bringing him back just over two years after they traded him away to acquire Sam Bradford.

Foles left Philadelphia as the starter but will return as the backup to Carson Wentz. Then again, it was an impressive showing in relief of then-starter Michael Vick in 2013 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions in 13 games (10 starts) that put Foles on the map in the first place.

It caused quite the altercation with members of both camps, yelling obscenities at the other.

J.E. might’ve dropped an an album titled Hard back in 2003, but their mothers didn’t raise any fools. Fairley, a six-year NFL veteran, is 6-4, tips the scales at nearly 300 pounds and is super aggressive. He makes his living rushing folks, and when he’s ticked, it can take multiple able-bodied, fully-grown American football players to move him anywhere. Four dudes who make their money harmonizing weren’t about to press the issue physically. The group’s set was ultimately cut short.

The whole ordeal was utterly ridiculous. Fairly could’ve just fell back, let those brothers do their job and enjoyed the show. Like one of the group members shouted during the incident, It ain’t about you.

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