NHL ownership group for potential Seattle expansion floats idea of bringing NBA team back

The ownership group that applied to bring the NHL to Seattle is optimistic as it begins a season-ticket drive Thursday. It is also leaving the door open for another feat: bringing an NBA franchise back to the city.

“The answer is absolutely,” investment banker David Bonderman told ESPN. “If there is a franchise to be had from the NBA, we want to be up there fighting for it for Seattle.”

“The way we are going to structure all of our contractually obligated income is making sure there will be revenue upside built in should the NBA ever consider Seattle,” Leiweke said. “We are committed to making sure the building, all of our contracts, all of our partnerships and all of our relationships, are done in a way that we can maximize value.

“There is no need to ultimately build two [arenas] when you can make one work as long as you have the foresight and the vision to make sure you’re thinking through that at the beginning of the process, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Leiweke said he has already been approached by a half-dozen companies for naming rights to the arena.

“For the first time in my 40-plus-year career in building facilities, naming facilities and running franchises, they’re chasing us.” Leiweke said. “It’s a remarkable change from everything else I’ve ever done. It’s a first for me. Usually we’re out aggressively pursuing. The fact that we’ve had so many people approach us and sit down and talk to us about naming rights is, I think, a very good indication about the pent-up demand and the opportunity in this marketplace.”

The Lakers are still six games back of the No. 8 spot in the West — but Thomas wants them to think big.

“I want this team to think we’re going to win,” Thomas said. “We have the Cheap Kids Soccer Jerseys talent to win. We have the players in this locker room to win and the only thing we should be thinking Cheap Jerseys World about is trying to take that next step — and that’s get to the playoffs.”

They keep playing like this, who knows what can happen.

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