Tre Boston to visit with Cardinals

Safety Tre Boston’s free agency has lasted longer than he probably expected and his next attempt to land a job for the 2018 season will come with the Cardinals.

Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that Boston told her he was traveling to Arizona on Wednesday. Boston met with the Colts earlier this month, but has otherwise seen the same quiet market that greeted other safeties like Kenny Vaccaro and Eric Reid this offseason.

Even with perspective and a lot more information, trying to assess those drafts is imperfect. They may cross administrations (though often a change in GM does not result with an immediate overhaul of the amateur scouts). Also, simply putting a player in the majors is informative, but needs further delving because there is a difference between attendance and impact.

The Mets highlight both of those items. Their drafts in the 2008-13 period were overseen first by Omar Minaya and then Sandy Alderson. In all, they have 25 players from those drafts who played this year, tied with the Blue Jays for the most.

Players from the Minaya era include Jake deGrom, Matt Harvey and Steven Matz. Alderson’s first pick, Brandon Nimmo (13th overall, 2011) is beginning to make an impact, Michael Fulmer was used to get Yoenis Cespedes, and Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman have turned into important staff pieces. But much of this period is about attendance, which does have its importance since almost every team will end up using 40-plus players this season.

Banner was a fourth-round pick of the Colts last year, who hasn’t stuck anywhere. The Colts cut him before the start of the regular season, and he was claimed by the Browns, appearing in eight games.

But the new administration in Cleveland didn’t want him, and the Panthers bailing so quickly on a high pick is not a good omen for future employment.

We’re seeing a lot good things from our front-line guys, but we felt like [Monday] was a good day to see what some of the younger, fresher-legged guys could do, Shurmur said.

Shurmur gave those younger players 14 plays in a live setting inside the field house — with no contact, of course — to see how they would function in scrimmage-like conditions.

It will be a good tool for us to evaluate some of the young guys, Shurmur said.

WR Odell Beckham Jr. and DT Damon Snacks Harrison were not at Monday’s OTA. Shurmur says he expects both players will attend next week’s three-day mandatory minicamp. Harrison has been an infrequent participant at the OTAs.

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