he could have better odds with the Modern Baseball Committee.

Jack was a dominating pitcher during his era, Whitaker said. Jack was probably the best starter in the game. You had some quality starters during those years but Jack pretty much dominated, was the ace. He was going to go long in the games. He was going to take you to the eighth or ninth inning.

Trammell has something of a similar case to Whitaker, rating as one of the top shortstops in baseball history by sabermetrics but having less impressive traditional stats partly because of his era. That said, Trammell did considerably better with the writers, peaking at 40.9 percent of the vote his final year on the ballot. By extension, he could have better odds with the Modern Baseball Committee.

Asked whether he considered Trammell a Hall of Famer, Whitaker said, Of course.

To me, he’s one of the best shortstops to ever play the game, Whitaker said.

So what’s taken Trammell and Whitaker so long? Why haven’t the 1984 Detroit Tigers, who won 104 games and the World Series, had a single Hall of Famer?

We were just consistent, Whitaker said. We were a team with consistent players. We played, we won.

With Span, et. al getting more swings, offense in the NL should, in theory, increase. But would AL offense be hurt as full-time DHs disappear? Not by much, because, as in the NL, regulars would be taking those PAs.

SN put together a model that roughly shows how scoring would be affected if just the eight position players hit. Our findings, based on what we’ll term average runs created per plate appearance (RC/PA):

All NL players who batted in the first through eighth spots last season (average .127 RC/PA) would have created an additional 638 runs had they absorbed all of the 9,179 plate appearances by NL ninth-place hitters. That comes out to 42.5 additional runs per NL club over the course of a season.

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