The Yankees got the three MVP-caliber seasons from Cano

It is a political statement, though: Trump is deeply unpopular as POTUS, and Maddon even admitted that not going to the White House is a political statement. So, when you do the opposite and go to the White House, why isn’t that a political statement, too? Well, because it’s Maddon, like he always does as a manager, will say whatever he has to in order to shield his players and bosses from criticism. That’s an annoying but understandable trait for a manager, but when Maddon is using the same tactics for something more meaningful than adults playing sports in their pajamas, when he’s shielding the decision to visit the White House behind his privilege as a well-off white man, well, annoying doesn’t quite cover it.

Maddon says he’s going out of respect for the office and the building itself, a line that prioritizes the figurative symbolism of the office over real people. Real people like any Cubs fans who have been targeted by the president and cabinet working inside of it, whether because they’re a minority or an immigrant or LGBT or on Medicaid. And at a time when the voicemail inboxes of senators are overflowing with messages from constituents especially concerned about that last part.

The Yankees got the three MVP-caliber seasons from Cano, and they also got four starting-caliber seasons and five All-Star seasons. If there’s a tiebreaker between these two teams, it’s that the Yankees haven’t had a second baseman worth two wins since Brian Roberts in 2014. Starlin Castro appears ready to break that drought, though.

As for the other guy on the East Coast? Dustin Pedroia got close, and the Red Sox have enjoyed five starting-caliber seasons, six All-Star seasons, and one MVP-level season, which is outstanding compared to the rest of baseball. But they couldn’t quite get where the Phillies and Yankees were.

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Marshawn Lynch is saving an Oakland soul food institution by buying it

Scend’s Restaurant and Bar has been a soul food institution in Emeryville, Calif. since 1967, and this could have been its last year until Marshawn Lynch stepped in. The Raiders’ running back couldn’t sit back and watch one of his favorite restaurants disappear, so he’s taking over.

After three devastating seasons in the league and an impressive turnaround in Oakland, the Raiders star has signed the endorsement deal he’s waited for his whole life. The quarterback-crushing linebacker is now a spokesman for America’s most famous manufacturer of 18-wheel tractor-trailers.

The partnership all started with a cold call from the linebacker to the company. According to NFL linebacker Mack, fellow Bay Area superstar Draymond Green was the genesis of the partnership, making the obvious connection between their names. That idea wasn’t lost on the young athlete.

[Green] just texted me one day and said, ‘You should do a deal with Mack,’ said Mack. Ever since I was a kid, just hearing my dad talk about Mack Trucks, it always stood out to us and made us feel like we were connected to something important. Something bigger than ourselves.

Every time I’m on the field, it’s just a part of my thought process. I’m a Mack Truck running through whoever is in front of me.

Mack took the premise to his agent, and the iconic trucking brand was receptive to the idea.

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