Kevin Hogan will take over as Browns’ starting QB. It’s the right call

DeShone Kizer has undeniable talent, but some inconsistencies in his college game suggested he shouldn’t be a day one starter in the NFL. The Browns rejected that idea, and Kizer earned the starting job in Cleveland. Head coach Hue Jackson benched Kizer in favor of Kevin Hogan at halftime in Week 5, and Hogan will take over the starting role this week, Jackson said Wednesday.

This isn’t a What We Learned from this week, because the Cowboys were off, but I have spoken with people close to the situation about what the Cowboys would do at running back if they had to play without Ezekiel Elliott for a long period of time. And with Elliott apparently re-suspended for the next six games, it’s worth mentioning.

People were surprised that Dallas went with Alfred Morris and not Darren McFadden as the backup to Elliott out of the gate in Week 1. Part of that was because Morris had an especially strong camp, but according to the coaches with whom I’ve spoken, the main reason was game plan-driven. They’d installed a game plan thinking they’d have Elliott, and that game plan is designed for one back to get the bulk of the carries. They believed Morris was better equipped to operate that game plan if something were to happen to Elliott during the game, so he was active and McFadden was not.

They do like McFadden better than Morris in some areas, however, including the passing game. So if they know they’re going to be without Elliott, expect a change in the way the Cowboys’ offensive coaches make a game plan and a lean toward a system in which Morris and McFadden (and maybe Rod Smith) split duties and carries in some way. That’s what I’ve been told to expect by folks in the know there, which is unfortunate for fantasy players who might have been hoping that Morris or McFadden would simply slide into Elliott’s spot and get his workload. Sorry to be the bearer of bad fantasy tidings.

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Watching Skip Bayless debate Skip Bayless is the catharsis you need

By now, Skip Bayless has said so much ludicrous and inane crap that naturally the snake was going to eat its tail and we’d end up at this point. What we didn’t know, however, is just how beautiful watching Skip debate Skip would be.

The focus of this video is Aaron Rodgers’ legacy, with Skip 1 and Skip 2 going back and forth from different parts of the FS1 host’s career. It shows that, in the mind of Skip Bayless, Rodgers is both the greatest quarterback in the league and totally overrated, earning the moniker Errant Rodgers.

Cassie Nickelson, owner of Scend’s, is turning 80 years old, and announced that she planned to retire in August. With no clear succession plan in place there was a chance the restaurant would disappear without Nickelson there to oversee the business, but Lynch, who’s been frequenting Scend’s since he was a kid, is making sure its legacy continues.

Turning over a legacy like this is difficult, but Nickelson is okay with Lynch continuing her restaurant. She remembers a young Marshawn coming to Scend’s to get a $1 meal as a child.

When he was 9-years-old, he came across the street to get a hamburger and French fries. 25-cent French fries and a 75-cent hamburger, Nickelson said.
New ownership always comes with an inherent risk. Will the restaurant change? Will the food stay the same? Marshawn has no plans to change anything about the place he loves. Everything will remain identical, and one of Nickelson’s sons, who is a cook at Scend’s will continue.

Marshawn Lynch coming home has been the best dang story in the NFL this offseason.

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