Jonas Jerebko hasn’t played a major role in this series

Kentucky earned APR recognition for the academic years of 2014, 2015 and 2016, seasons in which the Wildcats lost a combined seven players to the draft following their freshman seasons. UK officials have said that for all the one-and-done players who have played for John Calipari since he arrived in 2009 now up to 20 with Bam Adebayo, De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk leaving this year only one failed to finish his spring semester. That’s a 95 percent retention rate.

Of course, Silver did see the Showtime documentary about former LSU forward Ben Simmons, who acknowledged he stopped attending class in the second semester.

Silver surely must be better than making policy decisions because of an isolated example he picked up watching television.

Jonas Jerebko hasn’t played a major role in this series, or the entire playoffs for that matter, but the Celtics played well with him on Sunday. After scoring just 4 total points in all seven games against the Wizards, Jerebko dropped 10 in Game 3 against the Cavs.

Even more impressive, Jerebko had a game-high +/- of +22, which is ridiculous Cheap Jerseys In USA when you consider the fact he only played 13 minutes. The forward hasn’t seen much action in the playoffs, but maybe he’s earned himself some more playing time against Cleveland.

Although he struggled in his rookie year, Matthews has been a Cheap Jerseys In US fixture on the Falcons’ left side, missing just one game in three seasons. He’s mostly been a fine lineman but is prone to badly timed mistakes. Matthews’ most infamous performance came in Super Bowl 51, where he committed a critical holding penalty in the fourth quarter that knocked Atlanta out of field-goal range, contributing to the team’s stunning late collapse. At 25 years old, you could argue Matthews still has untapped potential.

You can see the dramatic difference in offensive rating when Green exits

If the Cavs want to keep up with the Warriors, they need to take advantage when Golden State’s best defensive player is on the bench. Green played less than 25 minutes in Game 2, down more than seven minutes from his regular-season average. But Cleveland couldn’t take advantage.

You can see the dramatic difference in offensive rating when Green exits, but that’s countered by the Cavs becoming much worse defensively. Part of that comes from the Warriors having multiple weapons and Durant becoming a small-ball weapon of mass destruction at center, but Cleveland needs to use these chances to close leads (or maybe take one) with offensive bursts.

As deep as the upcoming draft is, it is heavy on bigs and very light on shooters. No one stands to benefit more from that than another Duke guard, Luke Kennard. Scouts see Kennard projecting favorably as an offensive player, one who shot 49.0 percent as a sophomore, including 43.8 percent from the 3-point line. He showed lights-out touch at his pro day at the beginning of June, and he also has the ability to handle the ball and run pick-and-rolls.

That will likely get him into the lottery. As far back as last month, there was talk of Detroit’s interest in Kennard, given their desperate need to add shooting. The Pistons, picking 12th, are Cheap Jerseys Kids also considering moving that pick. The Hornets, at No. 11, have interest in Kennard as well, and will give him a workout.

Other teams are jumping on the Kennard bandwagon. The Magic, Knicks Cheap Jerseys In US and Mavericks will have Kennard in for workouts, too, though those teams have considered adding (or already have) picks later in the draft and could look at Kennard there. Orlando has No. 6 and 25, the Knicks have No. 8 (but have been active in searching for another pick) and Dallas has No. 9.