That translates to there being (on average) 36 two-start pitchers available in each of the 25 scoring periods.

Teams are opening this season on Thursday, March 29, an early start which will add four more off days to the schedule. Some weekly leagues keep all weeks separate, while others will end up combining both the truncated opening week and All-Star week with another week to create a single week with double-digit days of baseball action.

Before the schedule change, there were 43. In other words, expect there to be seven fewer options per week this season, rendering it even harder to identify a favorable choice to activate from your reserves or pick up as a free agent.

Except for Ovechkin’s first two seasons (both of which were exactly 70-point seasons for the Washington Capitals), his teams have been good. And remember, Jaromir Jagr played until age 46. Ovechkin, like Jagr, has a giant butt and good genes and, so far, good luck with health.

So what follows are my Ovechkin goal projections and his age (conjunction junction) at the time I wrote them in 2010. Included are comments from 2010 in parentheses and updated comments, along with a running tab on how the projection is going against 894.

After the dust settled this season, the three best players on the Clippers are DeAndre Jordan, Lou Williams and Tobias Harris. Jordan was the third member of their core pieces from last season and the only one who remains in L.A. Williams was the best player they received back from Houston in the Paul trade, while Harris is the best of what they got in the Pistons trade.

Later, I’ll discuss what this actually means as far as the Clippers’ future team-building possibilities, but for now, let’s look at the fantasy output of their three best players, according to the ESPN Fantasy Player Rater:

Dec. 14: With Marcell Ozuna headed to St. Louis, Piscotty moves to a team with more opportunity for him to play every day. He’s a rebound candidate playing closer to home, though he could lose some at-bats against righties on an Oakland team that likes to platoon. Read more from Tristan H. Cockcroft.

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