He recovered in time to appear in all 16 games with 11 starts as an NFL rookie.

Kids these days, man.

We used to do 1,500 up-downs! Griffin announces. Nice and hot. When you hit the ground, there’s sweat. A pool of sweat. Now they have that AC blowing there. We liked it nice and hot!

It was different.

I can’t imagine that any of the on-air YES crew would enjoy sitting down to watch a ballgame only to be accosted by a steady roll of stat graphics and discussions of stats, stats and more stats, now including projected distances, launch angles and exit velocities.

As for YES’ capitulation to the foolish fad in posting that computerized strike-zone box over live pitches, placing any artificial element over live play is anathema to sensible television.

That these single-dimension boxes are frequently misleading, often demonstrably wrong and always irrelevant apparently doesn’t dawn on the gimmick-headed shot-callers.

And if a network claims that its survey shows fans love the box, I have several hundred readers who would like to be surveyed. They find it needlessly distracting, annoying, intrusive and insulting.

Sherman, who joined the San Francisco 49ers this offseason after the Seahawks released him coming off of a ruptured Achilles, said that Four years, guys rotate in, rotate out, and so we had kind of heard all his stories, we had kind of heard every story, every funny anecdote that he had. And honestly because he just recycles them. And they’re cool stories, they’re great for team chemistry and building, et cetera, et cetera. But we had literally heard them all. We could recite them before he even started to say them.

Right now it’s unfair to give a timeline as well with him, Licht said. We’re very fortunate that it wasn’t life-threatening for him or the [driver]. We’ll probably hold him he’ll be out of OTAs, and in training camp we’ll have a better idea of how far along he is.

Due to an ACL tear late in LSU’s 2016 season, Beckwith fell to No. 107 in last year’s draft.

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